Prosecutorial Performance Indicators (PPIs)

CAJ team works with jurisdictions across the country to advance prosecutorial effectiveness and fairness through the development of prosecutorial performance indicators

FIU, in partnership with Loyola University Chicago, is implementing a multi-year project with several prosecutor’s offices in locations including Chicago, Jacksonville, Milwaukee, Tampa, Philadelphia, and Charleston.

The project stems from a growing recognition that prosecutors need to become more data-driven and strategic. The project will help prosecutors improve data and analytical capacity, develop and implement new performance indicators to assess progress over time, and respond to the need to ameliorate racial and ethnic disparities in the justice system. The project is funded by the MacArthur Foundation.

Report #1: Prosecutorial Attitudes, Perspectives and Priorities: Insights from the Inside (December 2018)

Report #2: Race, Ethnicity, and Prosecution in Hillsborough County, Florida (July 2019)

Report #3: Race, Ethnicity, and Prosecution in Clay, Duval, and Nassau Counties, Florida (August 2019)

For access to more report and additional information about the project, please contact: Besiki Luka Kutateladze; (305) 348-4892 and visit the Prosecutorial Performance Indicators website.