Law Enforcement Reform Advisory Project

CAJ is supporting the overseas development efforts of the US Department of Justice’s International Criminal Investigatory Training Assistance Program (ICITAP) in the countries of the former Soviet Union. FIU Professor Robert Peacock assists the ICITAP office in Kyiv, Ukraine in developing new programs and evaluating past efforts. Over 2019 – 2020, Dr. Peacock has represented ICITAP as part of a Department of State evaluation team reviewing the lessons learned from the 2015 – 2018 stand up of the new National Police of Ukraine (NPU).

Most recently, Dr. Peacock has worked with ICITAP personnel in developing a new police supervisor training program as part of the NPU’s efforts to develop their own internal capacity for training future management. ICITAP also has included Dr. Peacock in the advisory team working with US Embassy Yerevan and the Armenian Ministry of Justice in developing a new plan to reform the structure and practices of the country’s national police.

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