About Us

Who We Are

Nested within Florida International University, a Carnegie classified R1 University, and its School of International and Public Affairs, CAJ employs a multidisciplinary national and international staff of specialists. This includes FIU faculty and experts in criminal justice and rule-of-law reform, prosecution, policing, juvenile justice, forensics, political science, public administration and public policy.

What We Specialize In

• Improving prosecutorial effectiveness and fairness through partnerships with prosecutor’s offices.

• Enhancing public safety through effective identification, investigation and prosecution of hate crimes.

• Assisting government and philanthropic organizations in the area of Rule of Law and criminal justice with strategic planning, program design and implementation, and performance measurement and evaluation.

• Developing partnerships between criminal justice agencies and local communities to prevent crime, reduce demand reduction, disseminate information, and improve communication.

• Assessing the implementation and impact of juvenile justice policies aimed at reducing recidivism.

• Strengthening Rule of Law by implementing law reform, modernizing judicial structures, and training judges, prosecutors, public defenders, law enforcement agents and other justice professionals.

• Strengthening judicial and law enforcement agencies capacity to combat corruption, organized crime, money laundering, and drug-related crimes.

• Judicial and law enforcement strategic planning and institutional strengthening coupled with assessing, evaluating, and monitoring program impacts.

• Facilitating inter-agency cooperation, task force organization, community policing program design, evaluation and training, as well as grant management.

Why Work With Us

Our team uses multi-disciplinary data-driven approaches to designing and implementing projects. Our researchers have notable quantitative and qualitative research skills, which are coupled with our ability to convey complex research ideas to various audiences. We also pride ourselves for our program and project management skills. To date, CAJ has received more than $50 million dollars from external funding sources to design and implement research and technical assistance projects. Our funders and partners recognize our capacity to deliver quality work in a timely manner while ensuring sound fiscal management of funds.

Who Funds Our Work

We have been fortunate to receive generous support from various government and private funders. These include USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development), INL (Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs), IDB (Inter-American Development Bank), WB (World Bank), BCIE (Central American Bank for Economic Integration), the MacArthur Foundation, the Charles Koch Foundation, and the NIJ (National Institute of Justice).