ImageThis report presents findings from an assessment of racial and ethnic disparities in prosecution and sentencing in Hillsborough County, Florida. Among multiple decision points analyzed, disparities are not large. Whenever differences among white, black and Hispanic defendants in prosecutorial and judicial decisions exist, whites are more disadvantaged for some decision points and offense categories, and blacks and Hispanics are more disadvantaged for others. Because the findings vary by decision points and offense categories, each finding should be examined and assessed independently.
ImageThis report presents the results of 78 interviews and 275 surveys completed with prosecutors in Jacksonville, FL, Chicago, IL, Tampa, FL, and Milwaukee, WI. It is the first in a series of reports of the national project focusing on advancing prosecutorial effectiveness and fairness funded by the MacArthur Foundation.
ImageAs part of the Juvenile Justice System Improvement Project (JJSIP), the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice began implementation of a Disposition Matrix starting in 2013 to guide Juvenile Probation Officers in their recommendations to the court. This report presents results of the 2017 evaluation focusing on whether youth who received dispositions within the Disposition Matrix guidelines were less likely to recidivate than youth who received dispositions which deviated from the guidelines.